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* Sets up quickly and runs automatically - Simply select what you want to back up (certain files or the entire contents of a hard drive) and when. Norton Online Backup does the rest. Just set it once and let it run.

* Stores files on separate storage arrays at the data center for added file safety - File redundancy at our data centers helps to ensure that your data is safe and available when you need it.

* Delivers easy-to-use, automatic backup protection for your files - Automatically backs up your family's digital photos and movies, downloaded music, important documents and more to a secured location. You can quickly recover your data - and your precious memories - in case of hard drive crashes, file system damage or natural disasters.

* Simplifies file sharing - Lets you email links to files in your backup set so you can easily share them with family, friends and colleagues.

* Guards your data with government-grade encryption - Uses 128-bit SSL encryption while data is in transit and 256-bit AES encryption (a higher level of encryption than even some banks use) while data is stored on our secured servers.

* Allows you to conveniently manage backup sets for multiple computers through a secured web portal - Saves you money, time and effort by letting you backup files from up to 5 computers with just one account.

* Saves older versions of your backed up files - Automatically archives previous file versions every time a backup occurs, so you can easily keep track of and restore older files if you need to.

* Works with both Windows and Mac computers - Lets you back up files from up to five of your family's computers, even if they run different platforms.

* Backs up files fast and uses less storage space - Automatically compresses files before backing them up and only uploads changes made to previous backups. You'll enjoy faster backups and be able to store more data in less space.

* Offers proven, professionally managed offsite file security - Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secured by a trusted leader in online file protection.

* Lets you access and restore your files to any Internet-connected computer - Stores your files online so you can retrieve them anytime, anywhere using any computer connected to the Internet. You can get your files back fast whether you're at home, in the office or on the road.

* Grows with your backup needs - Norton Online Backup includes 25GB of secured online storage. If you ever need more, you can easily add additional online storage space at any time.

* Lets you easily manage backup sets - Allows you to remove previously backed up files to make room for more important files.

* Saves you money and offers greater convenience - Eliminates relying on external drives, memory sticks and memory cards. Unlike many backup programs, there's no additional hardware to buy, maintain or lug around.

* Makes transferring files between computers simple - Data migration lets you back up files from one computer and restore them on another computer running a different operating system. So you can easily share files between your family's Windows and Mac computers.

* Lets you search backup sets for specific files by keyword - Simply enter a key word or search term to quickly and easily find the file or files you want to restore.

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