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FastMule is a fast online file back up solution. Synchronize and store your data automatically. Fast Mule is secure and encrypted, easy and simple. Backing up and syncing all your home desktops, office computers and laptops has never been easier. FastMule will keep your data safe no matter what sort of disaster strikes your local PCs. And automatically synchronize your file to ensure your data is up to date.


What Fastmule Does

Fastmule is the secure, automatic data backup and sync service, allowing you to automatically backup and sync all your computers with just one account.

* Secure – FastMule will encrypt your file data via AES 256 and transmit them with SSL encryption against attacks from hackers. Fastmule uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to sync encrypted file data and local files to ensure file data 100% secure. 

* Completely Automatic – FastMule will automatically detect, backup and sync the changes of files or directory to the server of any size or type. All operation is as easy as you manipulate on your computer, multiple computers sharing file at the same time and instant reflection to all your computers once there’s any changes. 

* Reliable - FastMule safeguards your files against any loss, damage, digital dangers, and other disasters. With FastMule, your file data is safe. 

* File History Management - FastMule saves a snapshot every time you modify a file. With all file history Fastmule saves, you can easily restore to the previous version if you delete it by mistake. And your file data will not be lost. 

* Recover Deleted File Data without Any Lose - When you delete any of these items from your FastMule folder, you can restore the file by choosing one of the versions. FastMule has Search Companion function and make it convenient to find deleted file. 

* Completely Managed – FastMule allows you to restore your file to the previous versions and recover files you deleted by accident. 

* Bypass Limitations of Local Storage – You don’t need to worry about the limitation of local storage. FastMule frees you from the limitation of local storage and mobile storage devices.







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